Click S1,is a graphics and web development agency based in Sheffield,
South Yorkshire with more than 10 years of experience developing and marketing websites.

“At Click S1, we create websites that don’t hesitate to sell…
£99 for a 1 page brochure site! Is just the beginning of your business ambitions…”

Well-designed websites that don’t sell are just marketing stereotypes. Your website is not worth the salt, if you don’t market it. If the marketed goods or services on your website does not sell, it means you have not tried enough.

Marketing is not about “what you can,” rather it is about “what it really takes” to reach the target. We show you what it really takes to achieve what you want for your business.

Brochure Websites, Ecommerce Websites, and B2B Websites

Our web development services are not limited to:

  • Brochure websites for business organizations
  • ecommerce websites for online sellers
  • B2B websites with extensive database solutions to suit growing demands of the market place

Domain Registration… Logo Development … Websites…SEO… Mobile Apps

We help you with all it takes to create a perpetual customer base to feed your business goals. If you have bigger business ambitions, we will be glad to provide you with higher end websites with appropriate marketing help.

The web development and marketing process is complete only when you have nothing more to sell. This means we are the dynamic company you need to work with for industrious help to keep your business up and growing consistently.

We help you with frequent updates, minor and major tweaks in website design as needed to cope with technological advancement and growing competition from your competitors.

We cater to everything you need to have your website up and running, which includes:

  • Domain registration services
  • Hosting space
  • Website development and design
  • Logo development
  • Developing mobile applications for your business
  • Banner development
  • SEO
  • And more…


The Founder and The Team

It all started way back in 2007, when David Thompson started out with web development Sheffield services offering simple graphic design services in Sheffield. Consistent client-oriented services over years lead to the graduation of the one-man show service to the now “Click S1” team offering web design in Sheffield. Today, a well-knit team of like-minded designers, content developers, data mining specialists, and marketers constitute the DNA of “Click S1 providing excellent web design in Sheffield and web design Rotherham” Our team of designers, content developers, data mining specialists, and marketers are easy-going and client friendly in their approach to small and big client needs. No matter what your concerns are with respect to web design in Sheffield you have trusted to us, talk to us and we will be glad to help 24 x 7.

Why Us?

We are not a fly-by-the-night company. We developed our values, mission and service attitudes brick by brick, day by day, over a period of 10 years, by proving our work at the “University of Hard Knocks”. We know our job. You can have a good night sleep every day knowing that you have trusted your job to the right company.

We Value Your Trust

“We love to win your trust one more time, each time.” Every one of us here at “Click S1”understand that you decided to work with us because you placed your trust in our services. We value your trust and we strive to live up to the trust you have had on our services.


“It is our duty to commit to your needs.”

Once we have established the plan of action for your project, we commit to the proposed schedule, and we work through ups and downs to take your project to clean completion.

Core Values


We are clear, consistent and strong in our services. We take complete responsibility to report developments in the project on a regular basis. When you work with us, you clearly know where you are at any point in time.

Milestones and Reporting

We do not over promise and under deliver. When it is not within our power to complete a project type, we reject it right away or we refer you to a reliable service in our network. We do not commit to projects that are not ideally jobs that we can handle.
Once we commit, we schedule the milestones, split the work hours through working days, and we ensure your job is completed on time.In cases, where we foresee probable delays due to unpredictable reasons, we keep your informed.

Usability Testing

“Your website will not only look good, it will work well as well.”

We do not sell a long list of services that are not really required for your business. We recommend you to go for those services that are truly required to suit the size and goal of your business. Whether your business is big or small, we will provide you with a website that is in compliance principles of good web design and proposed industrial usability standards.

Packages and Pricing Plans

Send us an e-mail, call us, or schedule a meeting with us real-time. Talk your business needs with us and we will offer you the exact packages and pricing plans that will be appropriate for your needs. Don’t worry, we are clearly affordable. Our prices are very competitive. We will do all it takes to justifiably work with you without compromising on our business ethics.